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-====== libDBCSR - A Sparse Matrix Library ====== 
-libDBCSR (or DBCSR for short) is a sparse matrix library designed to efficiently perform sparse matrix matrix multiplication, among other operations. It is MPI and OpenMP parallel, and can exploit accelerators. It is developed as part of [[ | CP2K ]], where it provides core functionality for [[ doi>10.1021/ct200897x | linear scaling electronic structure theory ]]. A general overview of the library [[ doi>10.1016/j.parco.2014.03.012 | has been published ]]. A discussion of recent developments, in particular GPU work, [[ doi>10.1002/9781118670712.ch8 | has appeared as a chapter]] in 'Electronic Structure Calculations on Graphics Processing Units', John Wiley and Sons, ISBN 9781118661789, and is available as a {{ :gpu_book_chapter_submitted.pdf |preprint }}. The use of one-sided MPI and a 2.5D algorithm to reduce communication is shown to be effective for sparse matrix matrix multiplication in [[ | this manuscript ]]. 
-libDBCSR is made available for integration in other projects, the latest tarball (nightly update) can be downloaded here: 
-[[|{{ :download-big.png?direct |Download the latest version}}]] 
-A good overview of the provided functionality is provided by the API documentation: 
-[[|{{ :api_docs_button.png?direct |API Documentation}}]] 
-As part of a [[ | PASC ]] project, we will refactor the code to provide a more streamlined API and further performance improvements. 
-Developments take place in the [[ download | CP2K svn repository ]], where all version of the library can be found. 
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