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 More exercises: More exercises:
-  * [[geometry ​and cell optimization]]+  * [[geometry_and_cell_optimization|Geometry ​and cell optimization]]
   * [[exercises:​2015_pitt:​aimd|Ab initio MD]]   * [[exercises:​2015_pitt:​aimd|Ab initio MD]]
   * [[exercises:​2015_pitt:​mp2|MP2 and RPA]]   * [[exercises:​2015_pitt:​mp2|MP2 and RPA]]
   * [[exercises:​2015_pitt:​ls|Linear Scaling Simulations]]   * [[exercises:​2015_pitt:​ls|Linear Scaling Simulations]]
-  * [[Basis set optimisation using OPTIMIZE_BASIS]]+  * [[basis_set_optimisation_using_optimize_basis|Basis set optimisation using OPTIMIZE_BASIS]] 
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