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 It is strongly recommended to use the ''MINIMAX'' integration scheme.  It is strongly recommended to use the ''MINIMAX'' integration scheme. 
-===== 3rd. task =====+===== 3. task : condensed phase systems =====
-Condensed phase systems +Condensed phase systems are computationally are demanding. However, example input files can be found as part of [[src>cp2k/tests/QS/benchmark_mp2_rpa/64-H2O/ | the CP2K benchmarks]].
 +While the corresponding runtimes are available online [[performance:magnus-h2o-64-ri-mp2]]
 +For large runs, using a mixed MPI+OMP setup will be beneficial, and these calculations can also exploit GPUs.
 ====== Required files ====== ====== Required files ======
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