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 ./run_PP ./run_PP
 </​code>​ </​code>​
 +It will take ~ 5 minutes, then you will find a dir containing the AFM simulated image.
 +Repeat all the instructions of TASK_1 for the scripts present in the dir TASK_2
 +<note warning>
 +Be carefulhere we do a spin polarized simulation,
 +we have to distinguish the three C atoms of one terminus of the ribbon from the 
 +three of the opposite terminus calling them C1 and C2.
 +When the file is created in the STM dir (after running ./
 +copy it immediateli to the AFM dir.
 +Now, before executing the instructions for the STM dir
 +edit the file and modify it in such a way that
 +the first three C atoms will be labelled as C1
 +and the C atoms from 4 to 6 will be labelled as C2
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