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    - [[ex1| Single H$_2$O molecule: DFT basics]]    - [[ex1| Single H$_2$O molecule: DFT basics]]
    - [[ex2| Trimethylaluminium Al$_2$(CH$_3$)$_6$:​ LR-TDDFT for XAS]]    - [[ex2| Trimethylaluminium Al$_2$(CH$_3$)$_6$:​ LR-TDDFT for XAS]]
-   - [[ex3| ​Liquid waterSpectra broadening ​and MD]] +   - [[ex3| ​MgS and MgOPeriodic systems ​and XAS]] 
-   - [[ex4| ​MgS and MgOPeriodic systems ​and XAS]]+   - [[ex4| ​Liquid waterSpectra broadening ​and MD  ​]]
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