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 ====== Which parts of CP2K are CUDA-accelerated?​ ====== ====== Which parts of CP2K are CUDA-accelerated?​ ======
-  * Anything that uses ''​dbcsr_multiply'',​ i.e. sparse matrix multiplication,​ when compiled with ''​%%-D__DBCSR_CUDA%%''​. This benefits in particular the [[doi>​10.1021/​ct200897x| linear scaling DFT]] code. See also [[http://​ ​the DBCSR project.]] +Have a look at [[howto:compile_with_cuda ​this howto ]].
-  * If linked against an accelerated scalapack/​blas library (in particular pdgemm/​pdsyrk/​dgemm) that executes these calls on the GPU. The impact of this is most visible for MP2 and RPA calculations. On the hybrid Cray XC30 linking against libsci_acc makes this happen. +
-  * FFTs, when compiled with ''​%%-D__PW_CUDA%%''​. +
- +
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