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 before running a new calculation. before running a new calculation.
-On the Ghent University clusters, it is advisable to wrap this command in 
-a job-script and use the ''​mympirun''​ tool (instead of regular ''​mpirun''​). 
-A minimal job-script file named e.g. ''​''​ contains the following: 
-#PBS -N static_calculation 
-#PBS -l walltime=00:​10:​00 
-#PBS -l nodes=1:​ppn=2 
-ulimit -s unlimited 
-module load vsc-mympirun 
-module load CP2K 
-mympirun cp2k.popt -i Si_bulk8.inp -o Si_bulk8.out 
-It requests 10 minutes of compute time on 2 computing cores of 1 worker node (adjust accordingly). 
-This job-script can then be submitted to the clusters via the command: 
 ===== Obtaining the Results ===== ===== Obtaining the Results =====
 After the job has finished, we should obtain the following files: After the job has finished, we should obtain the following files:
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