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   * [[howto:​static_calculation|How to Calculate Energy and Forces]]   * [[howto:​static_calculation|How to Calculate Energy and Forces]]
   * [[howto:​converging_cutoff|How to Converge the CUTOFF and REL_CUTOFF]]   * [[howto:​converging_cutoff|How to Converge the CUTOFF and REL_CUTOFF]]
 +  * [[howto::​running_qe_computation| How to run QE types of calculations with CP2K and SIRIUS]]
   * [[howto:​geometry_optimisation|How to run Geometry Optimisation]]   * [[howto:​geometry_optimisation|How to run Geometry Optimisation]]
   * [[howto:​md|How to run Molecular Dynamics]]   * [[howto:​md|How to run Molecular Dynamics]]
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