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 ====== News ====== ====== News ======
 +===== New CP2K/​Quickstep paper has been published =====
 +The new official CP2K/​Quickstep paper has been published within JCP's „Electronic Structure Software“ Special Topic as: [[https://​​10.1063/​5.0007045 | J. Chem. Phys. 152, 194103 (2020)]]
 +===== International Winter School on Electronic Structure Calculations (10.-14.2.2020) =====
 +Paderborn Center for Parallel Computing (PC²) ​ and the Dynamics of Condensed Matter Group of Paderborn University are organizing a winter school on electronic structure calculations. In this school, you will learn how to perform efficient electronic structure calculations as well as ab-initio molecular dynamics calculations for molecules and solids. ​
 +For more detailed information and to register go to: https://​​teaching/​trainings/​hpc-user-trainings/​specialized-courses/​winter-school-on-electronic-structure-calculations/​
 +===== CP2K version 7.1 released (December 24, 2019) =====
 +A new official CP2K version has been released. You can download the tarball and pre-compiled binaries from https://​​cp2k/​cp2k/​releases/​tag/​v7.1.0 and access the manual at http://​​cp2k-7_1-branch.
 ===== CP2K UK Users and Developers’ Meeting (14th June 2019) ===== ===== CP2K UK Users and Developers’ Meeting (14th June 2019) =====
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