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-<note important>​ +Dear new user, welcome ​to CP2K !
-**You do not need to register for using CP2K. You can simply download it from [[download|here]]. \\ +
-For user questions please register at our [[http://​​group/​cp2k|Forum]].** +
-Dear new user,+====== If you want to use CP2K.... ====== 
 +You can simply install CP2K from a [[download#​from_a_distribution | distribution]] or download the [[http://​​cp2k/​cp2k | source code]] and compile it yourself. For more information see our [[download]] page.
-we are very glad that you want to register an account for the CP2K-wikiThis will allow you to edit pages without getting bugged by the captcha and also your username will show up in the page's history.+====== If you want to ask questions about CP2K... ====== 
 +You can ask questions about CP2K usage in our Google groupsTo join the group do the following:
-We want to make it as easy as possible to contribute to cp2k. Unfortunatelly,​ due to heavy spam attacks we were forced to close the regular registration form. 
 +^ 1: Goto our Google group. ​ ^ 2: Sign in with your Google account. ​ ^ 3: Apply to join and wait for approval. ​ ^
 +| **[[ http://​​group/​cp2k]] ** | {{ :​cp2k_groups_registration1.png?​nolink&​400 |}} | {{ :​cp2k_groups_registration2.png?​nolink&​400 |}}|
 +====== If you want to contribute to the CP2K wiki... ======
 +If you regularly want to contribute to the wiki without solving the Captcha each time then you can register a wiki account.
 Please send an email to [[]] in order to obtain an account. Please send an email to [[]] in order to obtain an account.
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