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   * Projection-operator adiabatization (POD) method   * Projection-operator adiabatization (POD) method
-  * CP2K can now do Plane Wave ([[inp>​FORCE_EVAL/​PW_DFT]]) ​calculations ​on CPU and GPU based on [[https://​​electronic-structure/​SIRIUS|SIRIUS]]. See also [[howto:​running_qe_computation | a tutorial]] to create a CP2K+SIRIUS input from a QuantumEspresso example input.+  * CP2K can now do Plane Wave calculations ​using CPU and GPUbased on an electronic structure library ​[[https://​​electronic-structure/​SIRIUS|SIRIUS]]
   * Include NVIDIA P100 kernels for DBCSR   * Include NVIDIA P100 kernels for DBCSR
   * Update toolchain   * Update toolchain
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