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Downloading CP2K

What can be downloaded ?

The source of CP2K is open and freely available for everybody under the GPL license.

Installation instructions can be found on the wiki and in the INSTALL file which is part of the download.

The sparse matrix library DBCSR is part of CP2K, and made available standalone at the DBCSR page.

Available versions of CP2K

Development Version Released Version
  • Most recent
  • All new features
  • Potentially unstable / buggy
  • only available via Git
  • Older
  • Stable, no ongoing development
  • All major functionality in good shape
  • Only rare backports of bug fixes (as time permits)

Looking at the version history might help you to decide.

How to download

From an official release

Sources of released versions are available at our GitHub project page. Alternatively, precompiled single node, optimised CP2K versions for Linux with or without OpenMP support are available as well.

From a Distribution

From a third party

Git Access

The code in Git is under constant development. Check the Dashboard for current issues.

The latest and all prior versions are available from the CP2K GitHub repository.

To clone the current master:

git clone cp2k

or to directly checkout a branch (check the CP2K GitHub project page for available branches):

git clone -b support/v6.1 cp2k

Your clone of the Git repository (any branch) can be updated using the following commands:

cd cp2k
git pull

The Git (git) program must be installed on your machine for this to work.

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