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CP2K Dashboard

Screenshot of the Dashboard. (not live!) The CP2K dashboard is hosted at It is the central place where we collect automatic test results.

Main View

The main view shows the latest results from all testers. The table columns have the following meaning:

Column Meaning Link Target
Name Display name of the tester. archive of old reports
Host Name of facility and computer which runs the test.
Status Status from latest report. See section below. latest report
Commit Git SHA from latest report, in parenthesis the backlog wrt. master. Github commit browser
Summary Summary text from latest report.
Last OK If the status is not OK, this show the last revision that was. Github commit browser


Status Meaning
The latest commit passed the test.
The latest commit did not pass the test.
An older commit passed the test.
An older commit did not pass the test.
The dashboard was unable to fetch and parse the latest report.
The results are outdated, a newer commit exists for over 24 hours and has not been tested, yet.

How does it work?

The HTML pages that make up the dashboard are generated by the script It is run every 5 minutes by a cron-job.

For each tester it performs the following steps:

  1. fetch latest report from report_url
  2. parse report
  3. if fetching and parsing was successful, make a copy of the report for the archive
  4. if the test status is FAILED and the tester has notifications enabled, send emails to responsible author(s).

Adding a Tester

To add a new tester to the dashboard, simply edit the dashboard.conf . The file has the format of the python configparser. A typical entry looks like this:

sortkey:     100
name:        Linux-x86-64-gfortran.pdbg
host:        PSI, merlinl03
notify:      off

The fields have the following meaning:

Field Meaning
[foo_bar] internal name of the tester, it shows up e.g. in the archive-url
sortkey used to order the entries in the dashboard, low means high up
name displayed in the first column of the dashboard
host displayed in the second column of the dashboard
info_url optional, if provided it is shows up as the “more information”-link on the archive-page
notify on/off switch, determines if email notifications are send upon test failure. Default: On.
timeout Time period in hours it may take for a commit to be tested. Default: 24 hours.
report_url points to the location of the latest report

Report Format

A test report is a text file that contains the following three lines:

CommitSHA: <git-commit-sha>
more test output
this is ignored by the dashboard
Summary: <text>

The output from a regtest run already contains the necessary lines.

Bulk-Download of Archived Reports

Over time the dashboard archive has become quite a resource on its own. To allow for bulk-downloads of the reports two url-lists are provided:

You can conveniently download all reports in a list with wget:

$ wget -nH -Nxi

Added bonus: If you run the wget-command repeatedly, it'll only download the new reports.

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