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Guidelines for submitting a question in the Google groups

1. Be specific

Please explain in detail your goals and the problem you have encountered.

2. Provide necessary information

The table below shows which problem requires what kind of information.

  • Green: Absolutely required information.
  • Orange: Useful information, may or may not be needed to solve your issue
  • Red: Not applicable for this kind of problem.
Compilation Crashes Correctness Performance
Version of CP2K
Input/output file
Files mentioned in input
Error log
Hardware architecture
Arch file *
Version of linked in libraries *
Code modifications (if applicable)

*if you compiled CP2K yourself

3. Use proper English

Do not write the question in your native language and then translate it through Google translate or any other translation program.

4. No out-sourcing

Do not ask questions that have the intention of making others do your work for you, such as setting up your system.

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