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How to use the CP2K Wiki

In order to contribute to the wiki you will need an account. To request a new account simply send an email to


The syntax used by Dokuwiki is described in detail in this page.

Adding a new Page

  1. Click on the edit button either at the end of each section or on the tool bar on the right hand side (only visible after login)
  2. Add a new link to your new page in the appropriate section: e.g.
    [[howto:my_tutorial|My tutorial]]
  1. Link have two parts, separated by “|”. The left hand part is the namespace (see below) plus filename of the tutorial page you are going to create; the right hand part is the actual link text that would appear on the page.
  2. All pages on the CP2K wiki are organized using namespaces. All tutorials should have the namespace “howto”. This is set by adding “howto:” to the filename in the left-hand part of the link, as the example above has shown.
  3. Save the changes
  4. You should see the new albeit empty link (in red) to your new page, click on the link, and you will be able to add contents to the empty page.
  5. Save, and you are done.

Special Features

CP2K wiki uses DokuWiki, and Mathjax plugin has been installed. So you will be able to use latex style math expressions for mathematical equations.

There are some convenient InterWiki links:

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