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Release Checklist

1. Check that the dashboard is green and there are no other blocking issues

2. Cut the release version

git checkout -b support/v20XX.Y

Edit the cp2k_version string in src/cp2k_info.F (⚠️ remove the Development Version).

tools/build_utils/get_revision_number src >REVISION
git add REVISION src/cp2k_info.F
git commit -m "Cut release version 20XX.Y" REVISION src/cp2k_info.F


3. Tag the release and push to GitHub

git tag -m "Cut release version 20XX.Y" -a v20XX.Y
git push upstream support/v20XX.Y v20XX.Y

4. Create tar ball and upload to new GitHub draft release

pip3 install git-archive-all
git-archive-all ./cp2k-20XX.Y.tar.bz2

5. Create and upload binaries and Docker images

6. Create a new manual on ""

cd cp2k/tools/docker
docker build -f ./Dockerfile.test_manual  --build-arg GIT_COMMIT_SHA=$(git rev-parse HEAD) --build-arg ADD_EDIT_LINKS=no -t manual_img ../../
docker run -v "$(pwd)":/mnt manual_img cp -rv  /workspace/artifacts/manual /mnt/
scp -r manual

Add a new link in the tools/manual/index.html file and commit that change.


7. Update the CP2K web page

8. Dissemination

Inform the

  • CP2K developers by email
  • CP2K users via the CP2K mailing list (Example 1, Example2 - ⚠️ check greeting!)
  • the Twitter-sphere via the Twitter account

about the new CP2K release.

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